Research details

Our research is based on data from the INTEGRAL Core Programme. Especially the periodical scans of the Galactic Plane are very important source of scientific informations for our purposes. But even the other observations will be valuable. Some basic info about Core Programme can be found here.

First steps were aimed to create a comprehensive catalogue of blazars with (proven or tentative) HE emission, that you find under the Catalogue label. It was based on combination lists from TOO proposal of Elena Pian and from several articles

Donato et al.: Hard X-ray properties of blazars, A&A 2001,375 739D
collection of 421 spectral X-ray measurements from 5 satellites (together with low energy counterparts) of 268 blazars; fitted with simple power-law models - we tried to extrapolate it to ISGRI band.
Giommi et al.: A Catalog of 157 X-ray Spectra and 84 Spectral Energy Distributions of Blazars Observed with BeppoSAX, proceedings Blazar Astrophysics with BeppoSAX and Other Observatories, Frascati 2001
more detailed fitting of X-ray spectra, available also from this web page.